Counting On God's Promises | Nov 2, 2014

Action and Interaction

Here are a couple of ways to allow God’s promises to penetrate your life.

1. As you read your Bible underline every promise you come across.

2. Share these promises with your family and friends.

God’s entire communication with us can be put into two words: “I Promise.” We don’t have to worry if He will make good on what He has promised because He never over-promises and He never under-delivers. When His Son died, He created a way for us to be forgiven and live with Him forever. In a world of broken promises, God can be counted on.

In what ways do you need to count on the promises of God? What problems are you facing right now? Are you discouraged? Afraid? Lonely? Overwhelmed? Lost? Anxious? Confused? 

Are you ready to stand on His promises?